Apply for E111: Or Renew European Health Insurance Card

Getting an E111 isn’t tricky. There are a few different options for making your application, and all have the same end result – your new cards will be sent out to you in the post. No one method is better than any other, so it’s just a case of choosing which suits you best.

Mail – the most low-tech method and most definitely the slowest too. If you prefer to do things in the traditional manner, you can either call the NHS helpline and ask for a form to be sent to you in the post, or print one off from the website. Remember to factor in delays of a couple of days each way as your form travels in the post.

Phone – You also have the option of calling the NHS overseas healthcare team and going through the information with them over the phone. This might be a good option for people who aren’t sure whether they qualify for E111 under the UK’s “habitually resident” rules. The downside is that the helpline is only open during office hours on weekdays, so calling might not be convenient.

Internet – The main advantage of web applications is that you can log in at any time which suits you. There are lots of different websites offering internet E111 applications. The NHS site offers the free basic service, allowing you to register your details online and arranging for the approved cards to be sent out. If you require an enhanced service such as check and send, or access to advice by email or telephone outside standard hours, you also have the option of choosing a third party website for your application.

Once your application is complete the process is the same whatever method you’ve used. The NHS will consider your application, then once approved, cards will be sent in the post to the address you’ve given on the forms.

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