Using a third party service to apply for E111

There are a variety of methods available you can use to apply for your E111, and for many people, getting online and using the internet is quick, simple and can be done at any time of the day or night. There is a wide range of different sites you can use to apply for your E111, from the no-frills service offered by the NHS website to an enhanced service from other commercial organisations. Third-party websites will charge you a fee to process your E111 application and get your card sent out, but offer some advantages over the basic service.

Not everyone’s comfortable filling in forms and knowing what information needs to be put into each field. If it’s not your strong point, then you could benefit from the “check and send” service offered by many of these sites can be reassuring. Once your form is submitted it won’t be processed any more quickly, but it will ensure that it’s not returned to you because you’ve completed it incorrectly. You will usually be provided with a login for the company’s website, allowing you to access your data and see how your card application is progressing.

Third party websites will also often offer additional web based services, allowing you to quickly log in and request a renewal of your existing card, change names or other details, or ask for a new card to be issued for a child which has recently been born. Most third party websites will also offer advice to you by email or telephone, and can give guidance on both who is eligible to apply for E111 in the first place, and how you can use the card if you need to get medical treatment overseas. Many will also offer additional services to their E111 applicants.